1. A Doctors Note - My Secret Weapon

    When I think of where I am now, and where I was just 10 hours ago, my mind gets dizzy with delight. I was at my computer just two days ago, when I came across bestfakedoctornotes.com. It was like a breath of fresh air. I looked at the samples, and the forms they have for school and work. The various doctors note templates were visual music to my eyes.

    I had been complaining to my co-workers for weeks that I needed to get away for a while. The smell of the burgers and fries were making my nose twitch, and making my stomach feel like exploding. One girl I worked with offered me a free fake doctors note. It was sweet but, if I got caught, I’d be on the unemployment line in 5 minutes.

    So, I decided to become a customer. When the payment was made I handed it to my shift manager. That was yesterday. Now I am basking in the warm sunlight of the Las Vegas strip, and getting the rest I so desperately needed. Believe me when I say, the right kind of doctors note can really make life worth living. It’s not that I don’t like my job. I am actually on the way to becoming night shift manager.
    But, every human being needs one escape from the daily grind, in order to salvage their sanity. I am no different than anybody else. Whether you are a Wall Street tycoon, or a hot dog vendor with a Wall Street tycoon as a customer, we are all the same. It’s like my grandfather once said to me, every job must be done correctly, then have fun. That is exactly what I am doing. Following my grandfather’s advice to the letter.

    When Monday comes I will be ready to look the working world in the eye and kick some butt. I will also be able to cook the burgers and fries, and keep my sanity. After being in the same job for so long, this doctors note was sent from Heaven. I will definitely be a regular customer, and tell others about this online key to enjoying the world around me.

    When you come right down to the meat and potatoes of it all, life is for enjoying everything you can, before you’re too old for it. That is why I went online to get free. To live!